Our Story

Archer’s Edge offers guests a unique experience. The campground property has been in our family since settling in the area from the Highlands of Scotland in 1891.  It was once a working farm that gave way to woodland as the era of family farms began to fade.  Archer’s Edge Luxury Campground gives new purpose to this land, we invite you to come and share in the bounty of beauty and hospitality that’s offered here. 

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“ What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists…and becomes available only when you are in the state of mind in which you know exactly what you want and are fully determined not to quit until you get it.” -Alexander Graham Bell

I was born in Cole Harbour, N.S. and while growing up, spent many years traveling back and forth to my mother’s home in Judique, Cape Breton. It was a beautiful piece of farmland property that has been in her family since 1891 and as a young boy visiting the area, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the adventures the property had to offer; fishing, canoeing and especially hiking.


Before I knew it, I was approaching 42 and after spending over a decade working in the Fibre Optics field in Western Canada, I realized that I was not feeling fully fulfilled with my current career choice and wanted to seek something more meaningful in my life. I did some soul searching and decided to pursue my lifelong dream of returning to Nova Scotia and starting a business of my own.

After doing some research, I realized there was a need for accommodations in Inverness County with the promising forecast for tourism in Cape Breton, I decided to have a look at our ocean front property and explore its potential.  After spending a few days camping on the property and admiring the panoramic view of St. George’s Bay, I realized that the breathtaking views & peaceful surroundings were something I wanted to share with the world.

So began the dream and plan for Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping.  I wanted to create a unique accommodation experience for each of our guests, Geodesic Domes was our answer.  After looking into my different options, I decided that these beautifully, unique domes would be the best way to share the beauty and peacefulness of our property. We knew that our domes would appeal to adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, those who enjoy live local music, hikers, bikers and beach seekers, as we have several right around the corner.

At 42 years young, I am the same age as my father when he passed, so I have made the immediate decision to live life to the fullest and fulfill my dream of sharing Archer’s Edge with the world- and  I know just how proud he would be watching this all unfold.

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From start to finish, building Archer’s Edge has been an adventure…

From rolling farmland to the beautiful oceanfront accommodation spot that we are today, take a look at how Archer’s Edge unfolded.