Inverness County is Canada’s musical coast.  Located on the west coast of Cape Breton – a small island on the east coast of Canada; our rural communities are surrounded by rolling hills and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Inverness County is a haven for photographers, whale watchers, bird watchers, hikers, cyclists, dancers, swimmers, dreamers, writers, musicians and nature lovers.  It’s all here!

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Failte. Bienvenue. Pijila’si. Welcome.  The beauty in Inverness County is rivalled only by the hospitality of the people.  We are influenced by many cultures but many of the people in Inverness County claim heritage as Gaels, Acadians or Indigenous.  Each culture has distinct and beautiful traditions, but we continue to learn about and build upon the values we share: a welcoming spirit, a love of music, dancing, great food and good fun.


Acadian Roots

The spirit of l’Acadie runs deep in Cape Breton. As one of the province’s founding cultures, there are reminders of the intrepid French settlers who first claimed Nova Scotia as their home in the seventeenth century. Explore Acadian history through historical sites, culture and language, genealogy, music, food, and crafts. Visit to learn more!


Celtic Culture

To locate and experience the truly authentic, Gaelic culture of Cape Breton, investigate The Celtic Heart of North America, an organization representing the amazing Celtic and Gaelic cultural experience on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. They celebrate and share the only living Celtic culture in North America. Whether it's dancing to lively fiddle tunes, learning a Gaelic milling song or tracing your roots, we’d love to share our Celtic culture with you. Visit to learn more!

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Native Spirit

For ten thousand years, this rugged, sea-swept peninsula has been home to the Mi'kmaq people. Mi’kmaq and First Nations people have enriched this province with their legends, art, music, spirituality, history, and language. The Mi’kmaq have lived in this region for ten thousand years and their culture continues to thrive and enrich us. Within our five First Nations communities, you’ll discover legends, music, art, humour, cuisine and stories that have been passed down over hundreds of years. Visit to learn more!

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